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Building access, made easy.

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How easy?

  • Give guests automated access with PINs. No need to answer your phone!
  • Set custom day & time windows.
  • Notifications when a guest enters.
Stop buzzing, start living!


Step 1:

Download the App

Once you're signed up, you'll get your own virtual intercom number.

Step 2:

Change your Intercom Number

Simply give your building manager your new PressPound number.

Step 3:

Personalize your Callbox

Set up your callbox and personalize your account through the app. We'll take care of the rest!

Guest Access

Set up your friends, guests, and helpers with access PINs. Schedule as much or as little access as you like.


Tired of buzzing everyone in yourself? Simul-Ring connects everyone in your household to the front door.

No Hardware Required

Works with your existing intercom system - no installation required.

Party Mode!

Schedule party hours and save yourself the trouble of buzzing everyone in yourself.

Extra Security

Our access log lets you know when one of your guests enters your building.

Mobile App

Change any setting, any time. Even when you're away from home.


30 day free trial

Included in your price:
Access codes for 5 guests
Simul-Ring for up to 5 people
30-day access log
4 different access modes
Premium Support