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What is PressPound exactly?
We are a mobile application that allows you to create custom tailored entry for your guests, freeing you from standing by the phone to buzz them in. We work with your existing intercom system, so no additional hardware is needed.
Who is it for?
A variety of customers find our app useful — Busy professionals, Airbnb hosts, party guests, contractors, friends, and just about anyone who needs frequent access to your building.
How much does it Cost?
We offer a no credit card, 30-day FREE trial. After that it's $4.99/mo.
How does the technology work?
When you sign up, you will be assigned a virtual phone number. Have your building manager update your intercom to this number. When someone buzzes you, it dials out to our servers instead of your phone. You set unique PIN codes that only you and your guests know and a time window for when they're valid. Our servers verify your guest's PIN and unlock the door. In the case of an unexpected visitor or someone entering an incorrect PIN, the call routes to your designated phone number(s) and you can grant or deny access manually.
Is PressPound Secure?
PressPound allows your guests access without compromising your building's security features. We make it easy and safer for you and your building to properly allow guests in. No more tailgating other residents! The app notifies you and allows you to see the history of entry attempts. You’ll know exactly who arrived and when.
What is a PressPound number?
It’s virtual local phone number that we provide to you during sign up. You give that number to your building manager at the end of the sign up process and it ties your intercom to our services.
Will PressPound work with any intercom system?
PressPound works well with most modern intercom systems that dial out to a cell phone or landline and feature a number pad. If you're not sure, you can send a photo to [email protected] to ensure your intercom system is supported.
Do you need to be connected to the internet for it to work?
No. Once you configure your guest access, you don't need to worry about being connected to the internet or near your phone.
What locations are supported?
PressPound is supported and can be configured anywhere in the US.